Just finished reading Conscious Capitalism — Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

This book was published in 2013, written by Co-Ceo of Whole Foods Market John Mackey and Harvard Business School professor Raj Sisodia. I especially liked the following paragraphs that appears on page 269-270 of the book. The Chapter is entitled “The Power and Beauty of Conscious Capitalism” and the sub-heading that I quote is “The […]

The Importance of Resilience Planning in Infrastructure Projects

The Importance of Resilience Planning in Infrastructure Projects: The Trump Challenge Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo last year announced two massive long-term infrastructure projects at NYC’s two main airports: LaGuardia ($5 Billion) and JFK Airport ($10 billion). The elevations of the airports are 20.6 feet for LaGuardia and 13 feet for JFK. Sea Level […]

About Self-Publishing

On April 1, 2017, Joaquin F. Matias and I self-published our first book: A Call to Action: How to Save Millions of Lives; the book is about relocating people out of flood and drought areas into sustainable & resilient communities (Plan Relocation or Plan R). We have decided to publish through Amazon’s www.createspace.com. This self […]