Several of my close colleagues have recently expressed a desire to call themselves “Libertarians,” perhaps in an effort to dissociate themselves from the dysfunctional liberal/conservative dialogue. Wow — researching stuff in 2019 is quite different from the 1970’s! In fact, I would argue that in the not too distant future, even all this typing (and […]



Since I am, among other things, a semi-retiree, I felt drawn to visit Panama City, Panama to see whether all the popular press that is touting Panama as the perfect retirement haven is accurate. I spent 7 nights in Panama City, did not rent a car and tried to understand the City itself. I did […]

The Green New Deal & Recycling

Back in 2014, The Natural Resilience Foundation started advocating for a Green New Deal. As the Green New Deal movement grows worldwide, it is becoming evident that a key towards universal jobs (conservatives) or universal basic income (liberals) does not involve subsidizing obsolete industries like fossil fuels, internal combustion engine automobile production, most forms of […]