One of the possible great short term solutions to storm surges are RTPs (Resilient Tunnel Plugs).  ILC Dover, a company that makes space suits recently presented to Gov Cuomo and the MTA an RTP solution. My wife, Ellie, found the link: http://news.thomasnet.com/companystory/ILC-Dover-Demonstrates-Flood-Mitigation-Solution-in-Lower-Manhattan-on-Sandy-Anniversary-20017460?utm_source=The+BroadsheetDAILY+November+12%2C+2013&utm_campaign=google+june+12&utm_medium=email My only concern with these RTPs is an answer to the question: Where […]

Yesterday I attended a talk at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) where Dan Zarrilli, Director of Resilience for NYC was the keynote speaker.  The AIA is where I first got interested in climate resilience back in September 2012. Lance Brown and Illya Azaroff, co-chairs of the AIA Design for Risk and Reconstruction (DfRR) coordinated […]

We have started to define the scope of the Economic Environmental Impact Statement (EEIS) and are looking for feedback about further refining the parameters of the study.  We are in touch with public and private institutions and consulting firms to determine how to best proceed. DRAFT SCOPE FOR ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT (EEIS) THE NATURAL […]

Some thoughts about how the climate resilience investment tax credit (CRITC) might actually work. We have thought about the CRITC initially for New York City and New York State but the platform could easily be expanded nationally and even internationally. Traditionally, investment tax credits are generally true investments in things like rehabilitating historic structures into […]

Big day for me and the NYW team yesterday as our project got its final approval from the City of New York.  It is because of the New York Wheel project that I decided to form the NRF. Because the Wheel will be partially located in a flood zone, we studied how we might make […]

Was networking today at ULI about a detailed report on Superstorm Sandy.  Very high level people and some good ideas were bandied about. The concept of a Fund for climate resilience investment tax credits seems sound and people are starting to look a micro ways to use CRITCs.  For example, as a way for building […]

The Hypothesis

My assumption is if Federal and State Legislators enact a climate resilience investment tax credit (CRITC) that is properly structured then several good things will occur: 1) Climate resiliency programs will begin to get funded which helps protect our environment from the effects   of  potential future climate change. 2) The implementing of these programs […]

the beginning

10.3.1310:22 PM I vowed never to start a blog because of the sheer time commitment.  However, this mission is important to all of us, and I am passionate about it. Blogging ain’t so bad. Suffice it to say, for now, that we have recently launched a campaign in an effort to raise $500,000 in seed […]